Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clinton V. Obama: Legislative Accomplishments

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By now you may have caught the viral video that the Clinton campaign is e-mailing around. It features a rather dumbfounded Obama surrogate Kirk Watson who cannot name a single legislative accomplishment for the guy he's on the air promoting.
That will go down in history as perhaps the single worst performance of spindom ever. But does Watson's ignorance prove Clinton and McCain's claim that Obama, unlike Hillary, is all talk and no walk? I thought this might be a good time to revive a piece I put up a while back comparing the legislative agendas of both Clinton and Obama in 2007. You can read the whole piece here, but the gist is that neither one has a whole lot of passed bills of real substance over which to gloat.
By David Knowles
Feb 20th 2008 12:56PM

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