Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama's Momentum vs. the Clintons' Moxy

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The most recent data from Rasmussen Reports show Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton 49% to 37% among likely Democratic primary voters. Rasmussen reports the biggest lead for Obama among all of the prominent polling organizations. Gallup, for instance, gives Obama a one-point lead over Clinton, and Real Clear Politics’ moving average of polls puts Obama with the same edge over Clinton.
This lead does not mean the race is over. The Wisconsin primary is a tight race with Obama currently holding a 4-point lead in the latest Rasmussen poll. However, the same poll indicates that a quarter of likely voters may change their minds before the primary on February 19.
Hillary Clinton still holds substantial poll leads over Obama in the Ohio and Texas races on March 4,
Barack Obama appears to have momentum, but is it enough to secure the nomination before the convention?
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