Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clinton Is Beating Obama on Health Care

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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are locked in a long fight over the wonky details of their health care plans. Clinton’s winning.

In Texas, where the overall race was close, she beat Obama 58% to 39% among voters who said health care was their top priority, the WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib notes in this morning’s Capital Journal column. She also won health-care voters by a significant margin in Ohio, and in the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses.

Health care is the No. 1 issue for somewhere between a fifth and a quarter of Democratic primary voters this year. The voting bloc is largely working class.

Clinton, Obama
Clinton has argued that her plan, which requires everyone to buy insurance, would do more than Obama’s plan (which doesn’t include a mandate) to move toward universal coverage. But her edge among voters may come more from the fact that she pushed an ambitious plan for health reform plan during Bill Clinton’s presidency.
Clinton gets credit among working-class voters for having waged the fight.
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