Monday, April 14, 2008

Baghdad Life

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Baghdad Life
Violence since the start of the war in 2003 has forced millions of Iraqis to leave behind their homes and properties in quest of a safe haven. See an interactive map examining where they're living now, and why they chose the places they did.
See an interactive map of day-to-day events in Iraq, including insurgent attacks.
View an updated tally of military deaths, based on the Associated Press's count.

The White House has released two reports on the Iraqi government's progress on 18 political, military and economic goals. The latest assessment gave the Iraqis satisfactory marks on nine benchmarks, not satisfactory marks on seven and mixed reviews on two issues.

Assessment: Summary | Full ReportSept. 14, 2007

Assessment: Summary | Full ReportJuly 12, 2007

[White House]
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An Iraqi policeman talked to teenage boys on the empty streets of Baghdad during the curfew Wednesday. Photo: Associated Press
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