Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Petraeus, Crocker update lawmakers on Iraq war

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Click here to watch the hearing live.

USA TODAY's David Jackson reports that there are long lines outside the hearing room, including about a half-dozen women wearing black robes - their faces powdered white - and carrying bundles made to look like bloody babies.
"I Will Not Be Silent," one woman's sign says.
The chairman's opening statement is available on his website.

Levin focuses on the giant surpluses that the Iraqi government has accumulated in recent years.

"The Iraqi government seems content to sit by, build up surpluses and let Americans reconstruct their country and foot the bill. But the American people surely aren’t content with that, and the Bush administration shouldn’t be either."
"We're no longer starting into the abyss of defeat," McCain says, arguing that the surge has provided "an opportunity" for a safe and democratic Iraq
He condemned "irresponsible calls" for withdrawal, but did not cast them in partisan terms.
Read the commander's prepared remarks by clicking here.
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