Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Green Ink: Goldman Sees $200 Oil

clipped from blogs.wsj.com

paperUnrest in Nigeria and signs of resilient demand have crude flirting with $121 on Tuesday, reports Bloomberg. Another big catalyst: a new “super-spike” report by Goldman Sachs arguing that $200 oil is possible, given stubborn demand and little spare production capacity, also at Bloomberg.

Saudi Arabia may not have much to spare, but is working hard to goose what remains. Satellite studies of Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar giant oil field show a mix of increasing and decreasing output, reports the WSJ (sub reqd.) But there’s some relief—despite higher crude prices, gasoline prices dropped in the U.S., by about a penny, in the L.A. Times.

What is Sen. Obama’s energy policy? Grist chats with Jason Grumet, the senator’s energy adviser, who makes the case that all kinds of energy have to be on the table, including nuclear power. Sen. Obama addresses the balancing act on “Meet the Press,”
which prompts Planet Gore to ask how far Sen. Obama will go?
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