Saturday, June 21, 2008

Analysis: McCain hampered by campaign missteps

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Sen. John McCain is hampered by missteps and
self-generated controversy in the early days of the general
election campaign for the White House.
Tuesday, he criticized his rival for proposing a
windfall profits tax on the oil industry. The attack was
complicated by McCain's earlier statement that he would consider
the same thing.
The following day, he met with a group of Hispanics in Chicago.
Aides who had kept word of the event secret were placed on the
defensive within hours after one participant criticized some of
McCain's comments.
On Thursday, the Arizona senator flew to Iowa, a likely
battleground state in the fall, where he expressed sympathy with
victims of severe flooding and pledged support for federal recovery
aid. The event was overshadowed by President Bush's appearance
elsewhere in the same state on the same day.
Even some Republicans have cringed in recent weeks at the
campaign's efforts to ramp up for the fall campaign, although they
will speak only privately.
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