Thursday, June 12, 2008

Comedians Of Clout

The Onion newspaper jokingly dissects how Barack Obama calculates his every facial expression to convey the countenance of Inspirational Leadership. Jon Stewart jests that Obama strikes poses so evocative of the forefathers on our currency, he's not campaigning merely for president but rather is "running for coin." And comic Lewis Black kvetches during a recent Washington performance that Obama exudes such off-the-charts optimism in these trying times, "even his nipples are filled with hope!"

Could this new class of video-splicing entertainers be joining the great American club that editorial cartoonist Thomas Nast first founded with a pen more than a century ago?

"Can satirists affect our perceptions of the candidates?":
Jon Stewart's faux news

Jon Stewart's faux news "Daily Show." One college professor reportedly said, "My students tell me they read the news for the facts, but they watch Jon Stewart for the truth."

(By Jason Decrow -- Associated Press)

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