Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fellows Training: What it Means to be an Organizer

Field organizing is the act of reaching out to volunteers and voters through direct, one-on-one communication. Some people refer to it as "voter contact" or "grassroots organizing.

The ultimate goal is to contact voters directly, identify the ones who supports us, and get them to the polls to vote for Barack Obama on Election Day.
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Organizing requires three things:
  • Leadership that respects and empowers others
  • Building relationships, community and commitement around that leadership
  • A strategy to puts that community to work to win, with clear set goals and flexible tactics
"Respect, Empower, Include" is the mantra for our campaign and our organizing. We must live this manta on a daily basis. We must be respectful of our co-workers and our supporters; of our own daily projects; of the voters in the state we work; of our opponent and his supporters. Respecting, empowering, and including supporters in our campaign in a meaningful way requires a commitment to volunteer leadership development, training, and accountability.

We are committed to learning about, engaging, and strengthening local communities. We will listen more then we will talk. We will strive to be the best at each of our jobs -- at all levels -- and we will work together to make that happen.
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