Saturday, June 14, 2008

'The New Gang of 14'

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Well on the other side of the aisle there are a number of Republicans who won't be getting behind John McCain's candidacy. They've been dubbed the "new gang of 14," a reference to the group of lawmakers, including McCain, who broke with conservatives on President Bush's judicial nominations. Not surprisingly, most of them lean sharply right and aren't thrilled with McCain's stances on issues like campaign finance reform, immigration, taxes, etc. One man's maverick is another man's liberal. The Hill has a partial list:
Republican members who have not endorsed or publicly backed McCain include Sens. Chuck Hagel (Neb.) and Jeff Sessions (Ala.) and Reps. Jones, Peterson, John Doolittle (Calif.), Randy Forbes (Va.), Wayne Gilchrest (Md.), Virgil Goode (Va.), Tim Murphy (Pa.), Ron Paul (Texas), Ted Poe (Texas), Todd Tiahrt (Kan.), Dave Weldon (Fla.) and Frank Wolf (Va.). [Wolf contacted The Hill following publication of the article to correct his staff's error.
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