Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama Leads, but Margin

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Barack Obama begins his presidential race against John McCain with a lead in the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, but not so great an edge as might be expected, given the gale-force political headwinds against Sen. McCain's Republican Party.
Sen. Obama leads Sen. McCain by 47% to 41%, a spread that is twice the edge he had in the previous poll, in late April. Still, that lead is significantly smaller than the Democratic Party's 16-point advantage, 51% to 35%, when voters are asked, without candidates' names, which party they want to win the White House.
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  1. Hey, I love Hillary and have long done whatever she asks. While I am fully prepared to vote for Obama, per Hillary's request, there is a line I simply will not cross. Asking Hillary's most loyal supporters to vote for both the race-baiter Barack Obama and the Judas Bill Richardson on the very same ticket is just too much of a double-whammy of very bad politics. There are somt things we HRC supporters just wont do.