Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama, Throwing Heat

And it was hot. As in, 101 degrees. And here at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, amid the funnel cakes and "Barrel of Fun" rides, you could work up a good sweat waiting to pass through the magnetometers.

The kickoff in this red state was an economic speech that contained no new economics. But Obama came out swinging, pummeling John McCain on tax cuts, housing and health care in a way that signaled he plans to stay on offense. To my ear, he spent more time on the attack and less on detailing his proposals, than in any other speech I can think of.

"Senator Barack Obama, with the Democratic stage to himself for the first time, began a two-week assault on Senator John McCain's economic policies in a series of battleground states on Monday, moving to define the general election campaign by focusing on the economy as the central theme," says the New York Times.

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