Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random thoughts about the Democratic primaries

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The attempt by the Clinton campaign to ‘count’ the disqualified primaries in Florida and Michigan was pathetic. The compromise - splitting the difference by seating the delegates from both states but with half the voting weights - was even more pathetic. The Democratic Party has rules about the primaries. Michigan and Florida knowingly broke these rules when they held their primaries too early. So their primaries are null and void. Bleating about the democratic rights of 600,000 Florida primary voters is hypocritical. There never was a valid primary. There never was a primary. 600,000 Floridians engaged in an interesting ritual that had no connection with the legitimate process for chosing the Democratic party candidate for the US presidency. I hope they had a good time. Rules are rules - the key building block of any civilised society - and of democracy.

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