Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Whole New First Wives Club

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Who would have thought that Barack Obama's seemingly-subtle spouse would garner more headlines in the final days of the Democratic primary than Hillary Clinton's certifiably-sensational hubby? Yet, Michelle Obama has proven herself as subtle as a shotgun, and has caused no small degree of rancor for her candidate-paramour. However, with a newly edited (read: softened) stump speech, an appearance on "The View" yesterday and an upcoming spot in Us Weekly, Mrs. Obama is widely viewed as undergoing a personality makeover.

On the other hand, the GOP ticket has been particularly reserved with regard to Cindy McCain. The Beer Baroness has rarely spoken at length and has provided little grist for the rumor mill. Of course, Mrs. McCain has battled her demons, and she is potentially vulnerable in a general election due to her fabulous wealth - but as the wife of a long-standing senator, her story has already been told.

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