Friday, February 15, 2008

Clinton Bets Big on Ohio and Texas

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Hillary Clinton's public bet that Ohio and Texas will be the firewall that salvages her presidential hopes from immolation is shaping up to be the biggest gamble of her campaign -- and perhaps the decisive one.
The March 4 votes in Ohio and Texas, with 389 total convention delegates between them, offered the first realistic prospect for Sen. Clinton to make her comeback. "We expect change to begin March 4," chief strategist Mark Penn reiterated this week.
[Hillary Clinton]
Sen. Clinton was in Ohio yesterday with two big assets: popular Democratic governor Ted Strickland and former senator and pioneer astronaut John Glenn.
Mr. Mauro also notes Sen. Clinton's "longtime roots" in Texas, dating to her days canvassing voters here, with him, in the 1972 presidential election, and to her years as a familiar first lady of neighboring Arkansas.
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