Friday, February 15, 2008

Clinton Seeks to Regroup in Ad Wars

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The lopsided advertising battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is entering a critical, potentially final stretch.
The Clinton campaign is betting that going toe-to-toe with Mr. Obama on the airwaves in Texas and Ohio, where Mrs. Clinton enjoys wide leads in the polls, will deny him the sort of uncontested opening that helped him narrow similar deficits in previous states. But doing so will be expensive.
While Texas and Ohio are seen as demographically favorable terrain for Mrs. Clinton, who has shown strength among Hispanic and working-class voters, high-priced media markets in both states may cut against her dwindling resources. "Those two states could be an $8 million to $9 million proposition easily, and I doubt they have that much to spend," said Steve Murphy, a partner in Murphy Putnam Media Inc. and former strategist for Bill Richardson's campaign.
Clinton campaign officials denied that money problems will constrain their ability to field ads.
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