Thursday, February 7, 2008

Clinton, Obama: Why Not Both?

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Here's a quick rundown of the many advantages the Democrats enjoy at this stage of the 2008 campaign
Voter turnout in most states is running well ahead of that for the gop
Why not both?

That idea had been on some voters' minds even before the dream was made flesh two weeks ago in Los Angeles, where, at the end of the Kodak Theatre debate, Obama and Clinton smiled, embraced each other

For Clinton, pairing with Obama would repair some of the damage with African Americans brought on by her campaign
Obama, in turn, would get a mechanic to match his magic, someone who could turn his poetry into governing prose.

A new TIME poll reveals that 62% of Democrats want Clinton to put Obama on the ticket;
51% want Obama to return the favor
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So perhaps it is wisest now to think of the Democratic primary campaign not as one race but two: the one for the delegates and the other for reconciliation.
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