Thursday, February 7, 2008


“A day after Super Tuesday's 22-state battle for 1,681 delegates, updated delegate counts indicated Obama ran roughly even with Clinton
Obama's campaign seems more prepared for this next week of primaries and caucuses than Clinton’s.
"Clinton advisers -- who said Mrs. Clinton was willing to contribute more money if need be -- cited a number of factors for the loan: the high expenses in the coming weeks, especially in Ohio and Texas, and a desire not to be outspent by Mr. Obama on television.
Should Obama be threatening superdelegates? Is this the way to woo them?
By the way, who is the front-runner?
The Clinton campaign doesn’t believe there have been enough debates this cycle
“I was disappointed to see that Senator Obama rejected the idea of having more debates
There's too much at stake and the issues facing the country are too grave to deny voters the opportunity to see the candidates up close.
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